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Specialized Transit
Specialized Transit
What do you think about the proposal for a new specialized transit service for persons with disabilities?
Specialized Transit

► It is recommended that a specialized transit service for persons with disabilities be introduced in 2018 using one dedicated accessible vehicle.

► Specialized transit is an ‘on-demand, pre-booked transit service for residents that have a disability that prevents them from using the conventional transit service.

► To use the service, residents must apply based on a set of eligibility criteria defined by the Town and based on the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act legislation.

► Eligible passengers can request a trip up to day before they would like service (same day trip requests can also be accommodated based on availability).

► Service is provided door-to-door for destinations within the urban area of Orangeville.

► Service will be provided during the same hours as Orangeville Transit conventional service.

► Expected ridership at 2 passengers per hour; potential to grow to 3 passengers an hour with aging population. This is typical of this type of specialized service.

► Explore opportunity to contract out to taxi industry based on a non-dedicated trips (particularly during low demand periods).

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